Star Laundromat Testimonials

Athol Park

Very modern and new laundromat with new machines. Automatic detergent injects for free. Change facilities also available.

Hossain Siddiqui

Nicest and cleanest laundromat I've ever been in. Well done to the owners!!

Amanda Bunn



Its clean and very convenient. Seems to be pretty quiet on a Thursday night at 19:00
Would definitely suggest if you are new in town and don't have a washing machine and dryer yet!!!!

MJ's Life

Hadn’t used a laundromat in years. Pleasantly surprised to discover I didn’t need coins (coins are still an option). I took a photo of the machine details because I was going to sit in my car to research it and the photo registered the star laundromat website / app and automatically took me to that site. So I just clicked from there and added my credit and put the machines to work. Machines were large, fast (25 mins for washing machine). I was able to wash and dry within an hour which was great because I had my baby with me. Lovely little second hand shop next door, coffee to the other side and a bakery across the road. Can’t go wrong.


For an old (er) man - the pay by phone over interweb was very easy to follow.

Andrew Thompson

Best laundromat ever! Clean, tidy and well equipped. $1 for 7min drying. $5 for (small) wash and $8 for (big) wash. Free detergent included. Free WiFi, free phone charging station and notes changing machine are available.

Kenta Chan

$8 for 25 min wash. Detergent included. $4 for 30 mins dryer. Change marine. Clean. Heated. Vending machine. Free WiFi. Phone charging station. Good stuff.

Katie TheRoo

Absolutely amasing

Ty Vischjager


Blair Athol

Open 24 hours daily for convenience. New machines. Large washers are $8 wash cycle 25 mins, smaller washer is $5 wash cycle 20 minutes. All washers add detergent automatically.
Dryers are approximately $3 cycle is 20 minutes
Benches are clean & stainless steel.
Coin/change machine
Also can use app the recharge online if you don’t have coins/cash to use machines.
Also has a phone charger station for your devices while waiting.
Nicely brightly lit in on a main road location

Janet DoLy

The free detergent smells wonderful. I love doing laundry here because the place is clean and has a charging place so I can just kill time easily with my phone. HOWEVER, it would be great if they add a big sink so I can wash off some dirt on my cloth before using the washing machine.


great very clean machines all working keep up the good work

Adris Salih

Clean. Good prices. 24 hours.

Stuey Schodde

Brilliant, clean, tidy, well lit and open 24 hours what is not to like.

Ian Mills



First time going to a laundromat, and have to say I was worried about cleanliness. However, I was pleasantly surprised! Very clean, and very reasonable pricing! Free phone charging is such a good idea as well. Will be returning!

Jordan B

Very clean and tidy laundromat with fast machines. The washers add detergent at no extra cost but you can also add your own. Wash costs $5/$8/$11 depending on the size of the machine you select, and drying costs $1 per 7 minutes.

Dale Hinds

Clean environment, conveniently located, with machines that are easy to use. No problems with the cashless method to use the machines. Large wet load completely dry in 45 mins, and great coffee from across the road!

Ian M

So so clean comfortable and free charging of mobiles + chane machine & free detergent in machine.. what more do you need

Veronica Kelly

Great, brand new machines, easy service to use, and cash-free options too.

Elise McMahon


Elizabeth Downs

The good thing about this place is that it's open 24hrs

Geoff Culbertson


Hampstead Gardens

Very clean, lots of different size machines. Will use it again made holiday washing fast.

mandy banks

This business is very clean and tidy with new machines, free detergent and the ability to pay with coins or online. Plenty of parking and convenient location makes using this laundromat very quick and easy.

Jennifer Scott

Very clean. Lots of different size for your options.

Denise Perry

1st time using this laundromat! I found it very clean and tidy ! I love the payWave option..So easy to use .. There is also a pet washing machine and dryer which is awesome !!! I will definitely be coming back! Also it’s located in a group of shops with a foodland so I could get things done, have lunch and a coffee at the cafe while I waited ! Well done owners on the cleanliness of your premises !!

Gayle Prescott

My experience at Star Laundromat was enjoyable. The premises were clean and I was able to wash large items that I am unable to do at home. I used the Eziwash application which was easy to use and hassle free. I had trouble with one of the machines and I received immediate assistance by contacting the info e-mail address. Well done team and thank you again Clement.

Merrilyn Hawkes

Hassle free service and can use 24/7 time. And the Online payment option is great and straightforward.

Maulik Patel

Quick, easy and convenient. Free WIFI and enough parking space. Reasonably priced. 24 hours with security cameras :) :)

Silas Westbrook Koo



A fully self service Laundromat with ample washing machines and Dryers. All the machines are very clean and new. The machines are very easy to use. You can pay from both card and cash. Notes to Coin converter is available at the laundromat. There is a phone charging terminal as well.

Heshan Abayasekera

How easy is this! and to not need cash/coints, just use their website..loving it!

Michelle Kewell

Extremely clean, change dispenser and phone chargers also provided while you wait for your linens..very thoughtful!

Zahra Murad

It was an amazing experience ...

Sherwin Gador

Place is immaculate, good pricing, amazing machine and wash quality. Also really easy online payment system. Would definitely recommend :)

James Mons

Very clean, plenty of machines, and the app service to pay and operate the machines excellent. Would highly recommend.

Kellie-Anne Spargo



Machines are new and work. Hi tech. Quick. Internet options.

Peter Gilbert

New to the area and have been testing out a few laundromats, but this is easily my new go-to. It's an accessible facility by ramp, and you're able to pay via phone which is very handy. No detergent required either. Large and spacious area with plenty of room for folding and sorting. A lot of thought has clearly gone into making this laundromat as accessible and convenient for the user as possible.

Kali Ellis

I love the fact that you are open 24 hours. I love the fact that you are clean and have the number of machines you have. I love the fact that you have lots of different sizes of machines to cater for different load sizes. I really love the fact that I can use my smart phone to get credit and then operate the machines. A real 21st century laundry experience.

stephen harrod

Nice and easy. Love the way I could pay online.

Deepu Nair



Open 24 hours. Located in Finchley Plaza. If attending during business hours, it's conveniently located next to a bakery so grab a coffee while you wait. Parking can be an issue but there is parking at the rear of the building. Change machine and WiFi available.

Simon Brown


Morphett Vale 

First time using a laundromat but Star Laundromat set a really good standard. It's clean, the washing machines are easy to use, and the customer service numbers are clearly displayed (in case there are any issues with the machines).

There are only 6-7 seats, so plan accordingly if you have to/want to stay and wait, and I couldn't get the wifi to connect properly, however these are the only two things I could consider to not be five stars.

It's a lovely place, and I'd certainly recommend at least giving it a shot.

Samantha Tennant

So clean it sparkles! Feels 'safe' very good security cams and best of all it's 24/7!
Makes clever business sense to me AND
it kindly considers the shift worker, the problem days too hot /cold /wet... parents with kids the list goes on an on , so no more mad panic "Wash it b4 9pm or not at all"
Cheers StarWash, regards your latest loyal customer ;?

Richo Worthington

Just fantastic! Clean, reliable machines and facilities

Sally Hurst

It exceeded my expectations. It is neat and clean place. New and shiny washing machine and dryers. The most impressive feature is that you do not need coins at all. There is a coin exchange machine inside. The best feature is free wifi and once you open up an account with eziwash website (took less than 1 minute), you can top up the credit with debit or credit card and activate washer or dryer from your mobile phone. Easy to use and user friendly website. Highly recommended.

Bipin Joshi

Love it. Loaded app to phone. Put money on app. Started machine with phone. Aaah technology. Has its pre loaded washing powder too.

Sue miller

Just had an out of body experience here. Satisfied in more ways than I expected. With all the free time I have now that a machine does my washing for me, I finally have time to master the banjo. The future is #now #neverforget # bringonsundayworship

Jordan Wiesman

Everything is so clean, the machines, the chairs, the floor, all of it. It has a vending machine with everything for $2, drinks and snacks. There's a change machine for notes with capacity to take a $50. There's two servos within easy walking distance if you don't have notes on you. And they have an app you can download and put money on so you don't need coins which is super handy. Oh and free wifi as well as a charging station.

Nicole Sea-don

Easy, clean and the change machine had me loving this place.
Pubs 1 min walk. There's a vending machine wifi, pay via mobile... yeap sweet place this is.

carl barlow

Great place to wash your queen size quilts. I couldn't find anywhere local until I found Star Laundromat. Definitely recommend to everyone.

Pamela Preece

Munno Para

Clean place. Big machines for your quilts Had wifi for those that need it. Notes change machine for coins to operate the washers and dryers or you can go to the web site register and load some money that way you do not have to worry about coins or notes. Very safe to do this that way as that’s the way I wash the clothes.

Steve Hansen

Clean, convenient and free Wi-Fi what more can you ask for

Phil Dent

Machine didn't work. Didn't find a number to call and left a poor review but the owner called me and explained everything, what happened and what went wrong. The guy is a legend and was happy to help me tonight. Cheers mate. See you next week.

Matt Fowler

I use this place regularly to dry my clothes, can be hard at times to get a dryer but only seems to be on Sundays when everyones rushing to get work and school clothes dry (like I am).
Has a coin dispenser and free WiFi for you to use while you wait for your clothes to wash/dry, The laundrymat on andresons walk doesn't have this.

Kat Graham

Clean , modern machines and venue, free washing powder altho Im not sure where as a customer let me use his liquid. Change machine or pay with your mobile and open 24hrs in case you need that option. Different size options for machines and very good dryers, my first visit and I was clearly impressed. Thumbs up

Barry Reeves

Plenty of different sized washers and loads of dryers to use. Very well kept, nice and clean. Awesome place to take your large quilts or items that you just can't fit in your machine at home. Also the price of the dryer makes a quick trip late at night to get clothes ready for the next day worth the drive.

Shannon Brooke Frith


Para Vista

Very Clean ,Great value for money and happy with the layout

Linda Savage

Clean and maintained machines.

Lyn Sandy

Always clean always machine available and dryers

Tina Loft

Great! I didn't have enough coins but I just payed online with my phone instead. The cycle was quick and my blankets came out nice and clean. Washing powder was included automatically. So easy.

Shannaka Houghton

Awesome, easy to set up an online account and then pay for the machines via the net, just remember to enter the four digit code that’s on the machine you want to use, if the code doesn’t work you might be at the wrong machine. I helped someone out yesterday with that same issue.
Clean and open 24hrs.

Jason Hancox

Very clean and tidy. The machines are in great condition. Paying online was quick and easy

Amy Barnes

Very lovely place and near to the pizza hut. 10 washing machines and a lot of dryers.. Free wifi and free charging spots on the spot. No need to add detergents. Machines here add free detergents automatically. Limited seating area but a lot of places nearby to take a seat. Washing cycles each 25 mins. Starting from $5 for smaller load and going upto $8 and $10 for medium and large loads... Dryer cycles are each 30 minutes for $1 each cycle.

Anmol Singh


Plympton Park

Plenty of parking clean easy to use machines also have an app to pay online

Anita Holt

Very good experience. Nice clean machines and well spaced out. Needs a bit of general cleaning as I saw a small piece of pizza fallen in the corner and after two days it was still there .
Would be good to see an app on Google play store instead of using the website.

Karl Garda

Extremely clean the nicest laundromat we have ever used machines were clean and all functional highly recommended will definitely use again

Fiona Lademan

Clean, secure washing machines and dryers. Option available to pay online so you don’t need to bring coins. Many machines available.


Clean and easy to use, especially with the app. No need to carry coins.

David Bettio



Very clean. Fast, efficient machines. Well located.

Shilo Gregory

Fantastic laundromat. Spotlessly clean. First grade machines. Quick and efficient. Hungry Jacks next door so grab a coffee and a snack and the laundry is done when you're finished

Tony Kuiper

What a great, clean laundromat! New machines, timed AC to keep things cool, clean floor and benches.
I know it's a laundromat.... But I can't speak more highly of it.... What a great experience doing the mundane chore of laundry.

David Henry

If you don't have coins then you can pay online . Easy to use , detergent is automatically dispensed . I liked very much :)

Amr Bassiouny

Great machines, very clean. Best laundromat I've ever been to

Michelle Millar


Salisbury North

Great new machines with cash free options (App)

Ben Johnson

Clean washing machines. Good place

asz asz

This place is great! Nice and clean and the machines work! So does the change machine. Really happy and will come back again. Also love that i can use the machine via online which is fantastic

Rachel Rees

Great site, great security :)

Haley House

i just simply love it!


find myself coming back again and again washing a never ending chore nice place clean and well maintained machines

Danielle Furry



Excellent. Always clean. Shelves for putting baskets etc. Owner is only a phone call away if there is a problem. Cafe close by. Change machine. All good.

Bernie Parsons

There's not many self serve coin op laundromat facilities available anymore and it's rare to come by one. Happy that this is still around and very reasonable prices and well looked after with a clean and tidy fitting.

Chantell Stockton

Shop is very well presented. Machines can be access from an online account from your phone, also a bill exchange to coins is in place. Machines seems to be well maintained.

Andres Rodriguez

Easy to find and ample off street parking. Place was super clean and the benches available for storing wash baskets or folding are great. Lots of new shiny machines available, no lint or hairs to be seen. Added bonus of washing liquid included in the wash price is fantastic! Ability to pay with cash or via an easy to use website which works well on Android a bonus! The mobile phone charging station is a thoughtful touch. Thanks! Will be my new regular wash spot.

Geoff A

I like this place. Clean, machines look new, able to dry my 7kg load with just $3. Cafes nearby. Very convenient.

Lily C

Very clean all machines in working order got acces to a machine straight away

craig hill

Had an issue with the machine but promptly solved over the phone. Good service


Range of machine sizes, clean, pay by mobile. Excellent.

Nixon Hurst

I Called the owner about a machine stopping early issue and he remotely reset the next machine in line good service.

Nicholas Treglown

Clean, pleasant atmosphere and really easy to use. I actually enjoy my time out there. Nice to see thought given to providing internet and airconditioning.

Anne-Marie McAinsh



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