How it Works

Turn the world’s most boring chore into a bit of downtime!

Our laundromats are open for business 24×7.

We disinfect all common surfaces daily to maintain a hygienic and safe place for our customers to do their laundry.

Our washing machines are easy to use. Both washing and drying can be started cashless via Paywave readers or coin operated. Follow the instructions below:

  1. Load the machine and close the door.
  2. Cashless – Tap your card or phone on the Paywave reader and wait for authorization. Once approved, you’re good to go
  3. Cash – Insert coins as indicated on the machine. $1 and $2 coins only
  4. Select temperature, detergent is free!
  5. Press Start.

It’s as easy as that. Now kick back, relax and watch your favourite TV show with our free WiFi, or head down to the local shops for groceries.

Wash cycle – 25 minutes

Dry Cycle – 20-30 minutes

Free washing detergent
Free Wifi available


Washing: 25 minute cycle

9KG (small) $6 per wash  |  14KG (medium) $10 per wash  |  19KG (large) $14 per wash

Drying: $1 for 5 minutes. Recommended Drying Time is 30 minutes or $6 per load

Don’t forget these Laundry Tips

Here’s some laundry tips to save you from unwanted laundry mishaps that can be easily avoided. We’ll help you get the laundry done in a way your grandma would be proud!

Our Machines

Get it done. Get it clean. Get on with your day.

Our laundromats are equipped with state of the art Dexter Laundry Equipment.

Our washing machines vary from 9KG, 14KG to 19KG for small, medium and large washing loads.

Our 14KG Dexter Dryers will make the drying cycle super fast (20-30 minutes).

Do your whole week’s washing in less than an hour

The large capacity of our washing machines means that you can do your entire week’s washing and drying, including your sheets, quilts, doonas, and towels in less than an hour, freeing up more of your time to do other things.

A mild, high quality detergent is added FREE with every wash.
You’re welcome to bring your own bleach or fabric softener should you require it with your wash.

All our machines are Coin Operated and accept $1 and $2 Coins or Card with our PayWave Readers.


“I already have a washing machine”

Do your loads simultaneously and leave more time for leisure!

“I don’t have a washing machine”

Find your local Star Laundromat in Adelaide or Sydney.

Need help?

Please Contact Us and we’ll do everything we can to assist you promptly!