Dedicated Pet Washing Machines now available at Star Laundromats

Aug 12, 2021. Dedicated washing machines for your pet blankets, bedding, pillows and clothing items are now at Star Laundromats! There is one near you.

You will find a dedicated machine in each of our laundromats clearly labelled “Pet Items Only”.


How it works

Coins or cashless, our washing machines and dryers are easy to use.

For cashless operation, create an Eziwash account once and top it up with some funds. Then follow the instructions below:


  1. Load the machine and close the door.
  2. Cashless – go to on your mobile and enter the service codes, or if cash, insert your coins.
  3. Select temperature
  4. Press START.


Watch this 2 minute video below for instructions on how to use Eziwash:




Why use a Star Laundromat?


  • Clean, modern laundromats
  • State of the art washing machines and dryers
  • Open 24 x 7
  • Conveniently located with plenty of parking
  • Free WiFi
  • Free detergent
  • Plenty of 5-star reviews 


COVID-19 Update: Our laundromats are an essential service and open for business as usual, 24x7. We disinfect all common surfaces every day to maintain a hygienic and safe place for our customers to do their laundry. Coronavirus laundry tips - see our latest blog here.


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With our state-of-the-art washers and dryers, which are gentle and effective on your laundry, you’ll have washed and dried your own and your furry friend's laundry in less than an hour. Save time and money at a Star Laundromat near you.


Find a Star Laundromat near you. Free WiFi, open 24x7 and plenty of parking.

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