How to remove the 7 most common stains

July 20, 2020. Keeping clothes stain free is not always possible. Especially if you have little kids, working in hospitality or trades, or you’re just a little clumsy – we’ve all been there!

But no need to worry, there are ways to remove stains. And there are two golden rules to remember when you spill something onto your favourite shirt or jeans:

  1. Act immediately – the sooner you take action, the better the chance of removing the stain. You must treat the stain allow it to sit for 15 minutes with the detergent/solution, before you add to the washing machine. Quite a bit of the stain will loosen during this time.
  2. Do not put in the dryer – if the stain hasn’t lifted off the garment after you’ve treated and washed it, putting it in the dryer will set the stain permanently.

Here are our tips to get onto the 7 most common stains fast and keep them from wrecking your clothes!

1. Grass stains

These can be stubborn, but fast action works. You can either try a stain remover and leave for 15 minutes. Or if you prefer a natural alternative, mix one part vinegar and two parts water and gently use a brush in a circular motion over the stain. Leave for 15 minutes and then add to the washing machine.

2. Coffee stains

Quickly blot the coffee spill and let water run over the stain for a few minutes to remove as much as possible. Then rub the stain gently with laundry detergent and let it sit for 15 minutes before you place it in the washing machine. For coffee stains that have been there a few days, use the same technique.

3. Blood stains

Only use cold water as hot water sets the stain. Scrub the stain with cold water to remove as much blood as possible, then add laundry detergent and scrub by hand until most of the blood disappears. Leave for 15 minutes and then add to the washing machine.

4. Oil stains

Dishwashing liquid detergent has properties that strip oil which is why they wash your dishes so well. Add some dishwasher liquid detergent and rub under warm water, then add to the washing machine. For more stubborn stains, read our blog on How to remove oil stains.

5. Red wine stains

Use lukewarm water and laundry detergent to gently remove as much of the stain as possible, the quicker the better. Let it sit with the water and detergent for about 15 minutes, then place in the washing machine.

6. Sweat stains

Sweat stains under the arm pits can be quite stubborn. For a natural remedy, soak the stain one part vinegar and two parts water for 30 minutes. Or you can pop a capful of bleach into a small basin and place the stained area only to soak. Leave for 15 minutes and then add to the washing machine.

7. Make up

Most makeup stains can be removed with either a stain remover or using a brush to scrub the stain with some warm water and laundry detergent. Lipstick may take a little more effort. Either way, allow the stain to sit for 15 minutes and then add to the washing machine.

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