5 Tips for Clean, Cashless and Fast Laundry for 5-Star Airbnb Reviews

If you rent out your property on Airbnb or thinking about it, you’ll know that your future bookings depend on your reviews. Cleanliness is one of the most important measures of whether a guest books with you or not, with towels and linen being at the very top.

A high standard of cleanliness and hygiene is expected by guests, sometimes even more so than a hotel.

The best approach to managing your Airbnb laundry is to keep it simple, clean and fresh. Here are our five tips to help manage your Airbnb sheets and towels, keep them in tip top shape, and save you time and money in laundering.

1. Use quality linen and keep it consistent

Hotel quality towels and sheets that are of high quality and fast drying are worth the investment and we suggest buying all white. They are easier to clean and you can use stain remover and bleach without worrying about affecting colours.

You don’t need to spend a fortune however. If you search for “hotel quality linen for Airbnb” on your search engine, many options will pop up.

We recommend buying the same size towels for bathrooms. If for example you have larger towels in the main bathroom and smaller ones in the ensuite and you need to replace a damaged towel in the ensuite, it’s much easier if you have one set to choose from.

Keep more flat sheets because the fitted sheet will wear out more quickly than the flat sheet. If you’re fitted sheet wears out unexpectedly, you can use flat sheets and tuck the corners under the mattress until you stock up on fitted sheets again.

2. Have enough inventory – 3 sets at least

We recommend keeping three sets of bedding and towels in reserve for each guest so that you’re not running to the laundromat every few days.

This means one set can be in the wash, one set is on the bed and if one gets damaged or spoiled, there is the third available to use on the shelf.

3. Store properly and locked away

Storing properly will save you hundreds of dollars in linens. Don’t leave sheets and towels directly on timber or melamine shelves in a cupboard as this can cause them to discolour over time. Add a fabric liner on the shelf first or use fabric lined boxes to store sheets and towels.

Fabric lined boxes are ideal because you can also add naturally scented wooden balls, scents or sprays with citrus or lavender. Aromas can invoke all kinds of emotions and you want your guests to feel relaxed and at ease. Your laundry will remain fresh and clean, and your guests will love the added touch of a subtle fragrance.

Also, lock away your extra lines. Guests will go through your cupboard in search for more and will use what they can find. Invest in a lock and keep your steady supply of linen ready to go when you choose to.

4. Keep them clean

In an Airbnb, you know your next guest depends on the reviews of your last few guests so cleanliness and hygiene are paramount.

Keep your white sheets white by getting onto stains as soon as possible. Our machines wash at hot temperatures of 60 degrees.

Read our blog on How to keep your white sheets nice and white for more tips and tricks.

5. Charge for damaged or stained linen

There’s no point eroding the profits on your Airbnb rental with the additional laundering or replacement of stained or damaged sheets and towels. And if you’re purchasing a high quality of bed linen and towels, it’s going to keep costing you more.

Of course, you don’t have to charge for damaged linens, but if your terms on your profile state that you will charge for damaged or stained linen then your guests will likely take more care. It’s up to you whether you follow through or not.

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Photo by Sidekix Media on Unsplash