Yes, we’re just a laundromat - sharing our customer service values with you

August 23, 2022.

We know that doing the laundry is not the most exciting job in your day or week. But it’s one of those chores that must get done. And therefore, we have and always will be committed to making this experience as simple and no-fuss, and as pleasurable as possible.

Behind the scenes, we work to deliver you a 5-star experience. Our service to our customers is based on these four cornerstone values:



A laundromat experience which is easy to access and easy to use modern machines, with both coin and cashless options.



We carefully choose locations that are convenient for our customers. They have shopping centres close by, with supermarkets and other amenities close.



Every day our laundromats are cleaned, and all common areas disinfected for our customers’ health and hygiene.



Our laundromats are well lit and have 24×7 video surveillance for your safety.


Laundry and lifestyle tips

We regularly post blogs about laundry tips and how to care for your clothes and linen to keep them in good shape so that they last for longer. As well as laundry tips, we also occasionally write about lifestyle tips such as the benefits of walking, looking after mental health during changing or uncertain times, simple ways to alleviate anxiety and stress, and more.


5-star reviews from Star Laundromat customers

We really appreciate when our customers leave reviews. If they’re 5-stars, we’re delighted. If they are less or there are any complaints, we get onto it immediately and do our best to overcome any problems in the service we provide.

Here’s what some of our customers have to say.

“A fully self service Laundromat with ample washing machines and Dryers. All the machines are very clean and new. The machines are very easy to use. You can pay from both card and cash. Notes to Coin converter is available at the laundromat. There is a phone charging terminal as well”. Heshan *****

“I have never used a laundromat before but was told to visit Star by a friend and have now found the answer to the nightmare of winter and washing. Star L is clean, easy to use and has the latest in industrial washing machines and dryers. Also, I needed to open the dryer as I had doubled up on the time – used the number on the sign to call if necessary and a lovely lady answered immediately and not only helped me with my issue but paid a refund for my mistake. Love it at Star Laundromat 5 stars”. Rachel *****

“Great facilities kept clean and easy to use. Lots of large machines which really help when you have lots of washing to get through. The washers washed well and the dryer dried everything in the time! Place was clean and well lit. Really like that I can pay via the app and detergent is automatically dispensed”. Joanna *****


There is a Star Laundromat near you

Star Laundromat has been providing modern, clean and state of the art washing machines and dryers since 2016. We continue to expand our service and you’ll find a Star Laundromat in many suburbs around Adelaide and Sydney.

Each one has:

  • State of the art washing machines and dryers – which are gentle on your clothes and effective at the same time
  • A comfortable and clean environment – so that you can enjoy some downtime and maybe even read a book while the washing gets done
  • Free WiFi and free detergent – so you can catch up on email and anything else while you’re waiting (it’s a good time to pay bills)
  • Convenience and parking – we choose locations where you’ll find it easy to park and bring your washing in, and where you’ll be able to do some groceries
  • Safety -24×7 surveillance is set up in each of our laundromats for your safety.

Our laundromats have a dedicated machine for pet bedding, are open 24×7, and all offer both cashless with PayWave and coin operated facilities.