Unity In Our Community - How To Donate To South Australia’s Bushfire Crisis

Jan 10, 2020. In South Australia as of today, lives have been lost and hundreds of properties and buildings have been destroyed or damaged. Thousands of livestock and native animals have perished.

People are graciously donating time, goods and money to help those who are fighting the fires, victims of the fires and our wildlife.

If you’re on social media, your feed is probably flooded with ways to donate to the bushfire crisis in South Australia and across other states. Choosing where to donate your dollar is a personal decision – you may be more inclined to support the rescue of animals, help the fire fighters, or the victims of bushfires themselves.

Whatever your cause, we’ve compiled seven ways to donate to the bushfire crisis in your local community as well as in other states.

The South Australia Country Fire Service (CFS)

The SA CFS Foundation provides financial support to CFS volunteer firefighters and their families who have suffered while in the line of duty. CFS volunteers are greatly needed during times such as this and you can help by donating to support the CFS to continue doing its great work.


The State Emergency Relief Fund (SERf)

The State Emergency Relief Fund (SERF) has been established by the SA Government to provide financial assistance to communities affected by bushfires. Much of this funding has been directed to people in the devastating bushfires of Cudlee Creek.

There are several different ways to donate that you can find here.

The KI Mayoral Relief and Recovery Bushfire Fund

This is the official donation fund for the people of Kangaroo Island and will go directly to families who have suffered devastation of their homes and livelihood. This fund will help the locals rebuild their lives and incomes.

For more information about the find and how to donate, click here.

Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery

The Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund helps people affected by disaster in many ways. They support people financially, emotionally and physically who are in emergency situations or evacuation hubs. To find out more about their work and donate please click here.

Kangaroo Island Wildlife Fund

The KI Wildlife Park does significant work to support the native species of Australia and are currently treating many injured animals in their park. They have started a wildife appeal to raise funds for care, pain relief, medication and the infrastructure needed to house and treat the large number of native animals coming into their care. You can find out more and donate here.

Vinnies South Australia Bushfire Appeal

The St Vinnies fund for Bushfires victims directs 100% of all money directly to the community. The fund helps people rebuild their lives with short, medium and long term support, especially for those in Cudlee Creek, Yorketown and Kangaroo Island.

For more information and to donate, click here.

The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army has launched a disaster appeal to provide support to communities affected by the bushfires. This includes meals and frontline assistance.

Image source 10 Daily.