Tips to dry your laundry this winter – indoors and outdoors

13 Apr, 2021. A few simple tricks to make sure your clothes dry properly this winter will avoid that musty aroma that can hang about ungraciously!

Doing the laundry is so much easier in the summer than winter. One hot day and you can do two loads, get them dry, folded and out of the way fast. Winter arrives and you’re negotiating rain, cold temperatures and sun at occasional moments of the day.

Here are practical drying tips. It takes a little more effort but if you prefer to air dry your clothes rather than use a dryer, these tips will help you immensely!

1. Make the most of the sunshine

If you know there’s a sunny day coming, get the washing done early in the day and hang it out when the sun is up. The sun also acts as an antibacterial, killing bugs and mites, and it also fades out stains because of its bleaching ability.


2. Invest in a quality clothes airer/clothes horse

Buy a good quality clothes airer, don’t settle for a cheap flimsy one as you’ll use it plenty during colder months. Choose one that is sturdy so it can handle some weight. Space between items is important when hanging them to dry to avoid damp so pick a clothes airer that has various rungs and hooks to space out your washing.


3. Choose the right location when hanging inside

Place the clothes airer near your heater, especially if you have warm air blowing, your clothes will dry much quicker. Or position the clothes airer where there is airflow in your home, for example near the window or inside a room where the windows are open. This will prevent dampness from settling into your clothes.

If you have damp areas in your home, avoid these altogether. Mould thrives in damp conditions and you don’t want to encourage more with wet clothes hanging around.


4. Use a higher spin cycle

In winter, make sure your clothes are as dry as can be when they come out of the washing machine, so use a high spin cycle. Or spin twice if your washing machine is older and doesn’t spin that efficiently. This will still be more energy efficient than putting them in a domestic dryer.


5. Hang your laundry properly

If you’re using a clothes airer, the outer and top rungs get the most airflow so use these for heavier and thicker items. Leave the rungs on the inside and down below on the airer for the smaller items such as baby clothes, t-shirts and tea towels etc.


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