There is a 24x7 Star Laundromat in Adelaide near you!

July 14, 2019. Our laundromats are throughout Adelaide’s metropolitan suburbs and are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We open our laundromats 24 x7 to provide a service to people who don’t necessarily have a standard 9am-5pm routine. The convenience of being able to do you laundry out of normal hours is valued by many of our customers.

You’re a shift worker

Shift workers will often come home from work late at night or in the early morning hours and catch up on their housework and chores.

You’re a very early riser

Some of us like to wake very early and get the laundry done before the sun rises. Why not take advantage of a 24×7 laundry service and get the laundry out of the way before the family gets up?

You’re a member of a 24×7 gym

If you’re a member of a 24 x 7 gym, after your 10pm workout take your gym clothes and washing straight to one of our laundromats open 24 x7 and get the week’s washing done in one visit. Or, take the washing and let it go through its cycle while you are in yours!

You’re just a night owl

No excuses needed here, you simply have an unusual routine more like a night owl and you like to get stuff done during hours where most are sleeping.

Secure with CCTV cameras – there is a 24 x7 laundromat near you

Our laundromats are secure with video surveillance. They have state of the art washing machines and dryers that will wash and dry your clothing, bedding and doonas in less than an hour.

Cashless and coin operated: use coins or your Eziwash account

Free WiFi: so that you can catch up on work or a favourite TV series while you wait

Free mobile device charging: charging station for most devices

Free detergent: no need to bring your own, we supply it!

Our 24 x 7 laundromats are located throughout Adelaide