Star’s Lifestyle Tips – 9 reasons why enough water is essential for your health

11 Mar, 2021. On average, a human body is made up of 60% water although this varies depending on age and health. In infants, 75% of their body weight is water and in the elderly, this reduces to 55% of body weight. Water exists in the blood, muscles and the brain. The blood is made up of 90% of water and the brain 75%!

That’s why we need to remain well hydrated every day, so that our body can do its work in maintaining our health and wellbeing.

Here are 9 reasons why your body needs to stay properly hydrated.

1. Water helps your brain function properly

Water makes up 75% of the brain and needs the right electrolytes to keep things in an even balance. If you’re dehydrated, you end up feeling light-headed and confused, which leads to feelings of anxiousness. If you feel anxious or agitated during the day, you may just be dehydrated so drink a glass of water and observe the difference it makes.

2. Water keeps your heart healthy

On average, the heart beats at 72 beats per minute which means it pumps 7,600 litres every day.

By keeping yourself hydrated, you’ll help your heart do its job properly and get your blood to the places your body needs it. If you are dehydrated, the heart cannot pump effectively so it compensates by beating faster and increasing your heart rate, making you feel more anxious.

3. Water is essential to removing waste products

Water is needed to enable the process of excretion of waste products via channels of the body which include perspiration. Water helps your kidneys remove waste from your blood and prevents kidney stones.

4. Water helps digestion and prevents constipation

Both your large and small intestines need water for digestion, to break down the food you eat and allow nutrients to be absorbed by your cells, and to prevent constipation.

5. Water delivers oxygen through the body

The blood’s primary role is to deliver oxygen and remove carbon dioxide from your cells. Blood is made up of more than 90 percent water to effectively carry oxygen to different parts of the body and to pick up carbon dioxide on its way out.

6. Water keeps your joints lubricated

Water keeps your joints lubricated and flexible as the synovial fluid which directly lubricates your joints is made up primarily of water (about 80%). This fluid is responsible for reducing friction between joints preventing pain and stiffness.

7. Water helps to maintain blood pressure

A dehydrated body can cause blood to become thicker therefore increasing blood pressure.

8. Water keeps skin healthy and plump

Skin can become prematurely aged and wrinkled if it doesn’t get enough water. It can also become prone to skin conditions such as sensitivity and an over-production of sebum to compensate for dehydration which leads to oily skin.

9. Water helps you feel more at ease

If your body is receiving adequate water, it can deliver oxygen and nutrients where they are meant to be, and your heart will work less to pump these to the required areas. The result is a sense of more ease, less anxiousness and more balance.

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