Star’s Lifestyle Tips – 7 ways to look after your mental health during changing times

June 17, 2020. During times of uncertainty, humans have an amazing capacity to adapt and evolve. 2020 will be a year to remember, a year in which we experienced significant change. And if we try and hang on too tightly to whatever is already in the process of change, we create more stress and anxiety than the change itself.

Heraclitus, (535 BC – 475 BC) was a Greek philosopher and known for his famous words “Change is the only constant in life.”

Here are our 7 tips to look after your mental health and wellbeing during changing and uncertain times:

1. Seek quiet time for the mind – meditation is effective

When there is change, there is often plenty of noise in our minds, often born of ungrounded fears about what might happen or what should happen and what happens if….! All this only causes more fear and worry. The mind is a problem solving instrument so it seeks problems to solve. But like a hyperactive toddler, it needs to be calmed.

Research now proves that meditation quietens the mind, reduces anxiety and stress, improves focus and concentration and induces feelings of wellbeing. Even ten minutes a day consistently will help improve your mental health.

2. Listen to chill/classical music

Any music that induces a sense of peace will quieten the noisy mind. If you’re feeling anxious and can’t shake the feeling, put on some music to calm you. Music has the ability to change the atmosphere and mood quickly. Pay attention to what you’re listening to and don’t add to your anxiety, instead choose music to soothe and calm.

Apple Music and Spotify have ample playlists with classical and chill music. Here’s a playlist put together specifically for anxiety to get you started.

3. Have a routine – daily, weekly, monthly

The routines you keep are like your anchors – your moments during the day, week and month, that help stabilise you. Pay attention to your routines and habits: your morning and bedtime routine; how you approach mealtime; how much TV you watch at night; what weekly activities you love to do and how often. How consistent are you at keeping your routines?

Consistent routines and healthy habits will help you maintain balance and keep anxiety to a minimum.

4. Reduce media chatter at home

Do you have the TV and radio on at home? What sort of information are you absorbing? Even if you’re busy doing the dishes or the gardening, information is still being received by your brain. If you’re feeling anxious and you’re listening to the local news announcing a new strain of COVID-19 or a fatal road accident, this is only going to add to your stress. Turn it off, you won’t be missing out. Any time you want an update, get online for the headlines and leave it at that.

5. Go for walks

Just 15 minutes of walking a day has mental health benefits. Science has shown that walking improves our mood, induces feelings of wellbeing and is generally an all round upper! Walk the dog, walk to the local supermarket to do the grocery shopping, or bring your laundry to a Star Laundromat and go for a walk around the neighbourhood while the washing gets done.

6. Drink and stay hydrated

Keeping your body hydrated is essential to good health and wellbeing. Feelings of stress and anxiety will increase when you are dehydrated as the body struggles to do its work with less fluid. What could be a moment of unease could be the body’s way of saying it really needs water. Keep hydrated, even in winter, and drink enough water.

7. Eat nutritious food

The mind-gut link is no longer challenged. Science is now showing that the health of your gut which is determined by the food you consume, directly affects your mental and emotional health. You can read about mind-gut link here and numerous other sites online if you’re curious to learn more.

There are certain times in life when we need to step up our self-care and pull out our kit of wellness remedies, or bring in some new ones. The year 2020 is definitely one of those times. Take care of yourself and go with the change. Your future is waiting for you to arrive safely.

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Photo by Edu Lauton on Unsplash