Small Business Laundry Service – Fast, Affordable, On Your Way Home

Mar 12, 2020. Are you a small business owner looking for a fast, reliable and affordable laundry service? If you use towels, linen or bedding in your business, our state-of-the-art-machines will have your washing cleaned and dried in less than an hour.

As a small business owner, you may be looking for ways to reduce your operating expenses if you’re not in a position to increase your prices. Why pay upwards of $45 for a laundry service when you can pay $17-$20 and get it done in less than an hour? It’s an easy way to reduce outgoings and increase your profit.

Just one load a week could mean a savings of $110 per month or over $1300 per annum – that’s a return ticket to Europe!

Pop in first thing in the morning or on your way home after your business day finishes. While you wait, you can catch up on your emails, update your rosters, finalise payroll, or finish off your day’s work.

Star Laundromat laundry services for a wide range of small businesses

Our gentle and state-of-the-art machines will wash and dry your towels, uniforms, curtains, bedding or covers. Our small business customers who pop in to do their laundry are from various industries:

Hairdressers, Beauty Salons

Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Physiotherapists

Yoga studios, Pilates Studios, Massage Clinics

Restaurants, Cafes

It’s easy, convenient, fast, cashless or coin – and cheaper!

Our laundromats are equipped with state-of-the-art Dexter laundry equipment. Our washing machines are either 9kg, 14kg or 19kg for small, medium and large washing loads and our 14 kg Dexter dryers will get the drying done in 20-30 minutes.

Much more affordable than a laundry service, you can get a load of towels washed and dried in our 19kg washing machines for around $17-$20, in less than an hour.

You can use coins or go cashless with our Eziwash App so it’s easy to track as a business expense.

For cashless:

  1. Visit Eziwash and register for a new account
  2. Top up your account and you’ll receive a services code
  3. Press Start on the machine

Then buy a coffee a café close by, sit and catch up on emails or other work tasks and use the waiting time efficiently. Taking your small business washing to laundromat could be just the hour you need to quietly complete all those tasks you’ve been meaning to do.

A convenient location near your place of business

Star Laundromat will have a convenient location around Adelaide near your place of business. Our laundromats are clean, modern, with state of the art washers and dryers. There is free WiFi and you don’t need to bring your own detergent – we supply free detergent.

What our customers are saying about us

“My experience at Star Laundromat was enjoyable. The premises were clean and I was able to wash large items that I am unable to do at home. I used the Eziwash application which was easy to use and hassle free. I had trouble with one of the machines and I received immediate assistance by contacting the info e-mail address…” Click here for more testimonials.

Photo by LumenSoft Technologies on Unsplash