Don’t like ironing? Follow these tips for wrinkle-free clothes

March 12, 2024. If you’re not a big fan of ironing, you’ll love these tips to keep your clothes as wrinkle free as possible. And it starts with the way you wash and dry.

Wash smaller loads

Your clothes ideally need room to move around freely inside the washing machine. This will prevent them from getting crumpled and wrinkled while they are being washed. They’ll also come out cleaner.

Sort correctly

Other than sorting to separate colours which will prevent colour leaking from one garment to another, you can also sort by fabric. Placing fabrics of similar weight in the washing machine will also help to minimise wrinkles. For example, if you place light cotton shirts or t-shirts with heavy denim jeans, the lighter fabric will get tangled up in the heavier fabric and wrinkle more. This means doing more loads of washing, but if you really don’t want to iron and wrinkle free clothes are important, then the extra load is worth it.

Wash clothes in warm water

Warmer water which is 30 degrees or more creates less wrinkles. Detergent dissolves better, and the warm water also cleans your clothes and removes stains more effectively.

Dry in smaller loads

For the same reasons as washing smaller loads, load the dryer with plenty of space for the clothes to tumble and dry. Stuffing the dryer with too many clothes will tangle them up and create wrinkles.

Fold your clothes as soon as you remove them from the dryer

It’s so easy to just pull everything out of the dryer, throw it into the washing basket and take it home with the intention to fold them later. But then you get distracted, watch some TV, have a chat with your spouse or friends and the next day the pile is still there tangled, and now permanently wrinkled.

We recommend getting into the habit of folding your clothes as you take them out of the washing machine because the dryer will have removed many wrinkles already. Folding them properly will make them even smoother and ready to wear.

Give them a shake before hanging

If you prefer to hang your clothes to dry, a good shake before you hang while they are still wet makes a big difference and removes wrinkles caused by washing. Follow this up by folding your clothes as soon as they dry, and you’ll have nice smooth garments to wear every day!

Arrange clothes neatly in your wardrobe and draws

Lastly, if you’ve made the effort to minimise wrinkles, then don’t make the mistake of squashing your clothes in the wardrobe or in a draw. All your efforts will be undone! Leave space between the hangers in your wardrobe, and neatly store your clothes in well-arranged piles in your draws. This will also help to minimise mould and dust mites which love a dark little haven especially during winter months.

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