Coronavirus Laundry Tips: Wash regularly and wash with hot water

March 23, 2020. The Coronavirus or Covid-19 has taken us all by surprise and for many, will be a once in a lifetime global event of this impact. Everyone is doing their part to prevent the spread of this virus and at Star Laundromat, we are taking precautionary measures to ensure our laundromats remain safe, clean and hygienic.

Our state-of-the-art industrial strength machines can be heated to temperatures where viruses cannot survive, so washing at a laundromat is a safe option by following the guidelines below.

We are disinfecting our laundromat surfaces daily

We are concerned for the health and safety of our customers and every day our laundromats are cleaned and disinfected. We clean surfaces, machine buttons and knobs, and all other common surfaces that people come into contact with.

Our primary goal is to provide a safe and clean place to launder your items and our state-of-the-art industrial strength machines will wash and dry your clothes at temperatures that are too hot for viruses to survive.


Below we’ve come up with tips for keeping your laundry free of viruses.

Tips for doing the laundry

To answer a common question, dirty laundry from a person with the virus can be washed with other people’s clothes.  Not much can live past 60C and viruses will be destroyed at these temperatures.

Here are guidelines for doing the laundry:

  1. Do your laundry regularly. Coronavirus can live on surfaces for two or three days.
  2. Wash your items in hot water, as hot as the fabric can handle. Viruses don’t live past 60 degrees.
  3. Dry your laundry in a hot dryer which also keep clothes free of germs. Our dryers can be heated to 87 degrees. Dry at the maximum temperature the item can handle.
  4. Don’t shake the laundry out when sorting, this will disperse germs into the air.
  5. Clean and disinfect laundry hampers or get a bag liner which you can dispose.
  6. Use the right amount of detergent. Too much detergent will not be rinsed out properly and germs can get stuck in soap suds in the fabric.

coronavirus laundry tips

Our laundromats follow the social distancing protocols

We are actively supporting social distancing protocols and each one of our laundromats have notices at the entrance which states how many people are allowed inside the laundromat at any one time.

Wash your clothes regularly at a Star Laundromat near you

In summary, washing regularly and washing in hot water is the ideal way to ensure hygiene. Also use a hot dryer to kill any lurking bug. We have free detergent and free WiFi at all our laundromats so you can catch up on the news while you’re there.