7 reasons to use a laundromat – even if you have a washing machine

Oct 14, 2018. For most of us, doing the laundry is just something we need to get out of the way efficiently – in the least amount of time needed with the cleanest laundry possible that our grand mamas would be proud of!

Here at Star Laundromat, we often say – “The world’s most boring chore does not need to be miserable”. Nor does it need to be labour intensive. Gone are the days when the laundry was a day long event and every good house-keepers pride and joy – now it just needs to fit in with our lifestyle so we can be done with it!

At Star Laundromat, we make doing the laundry as good as it can be:

  • Half your laundry time – our laundromats are modern, clean with state-of-the-art washing machines and dryers – this means you will get your washing done in half the time.
  • Meet a friend for coffee – our laundromats are located close to the local shops so you can load up your laundry and get it started, then go do your grocery shopping or catch up for coffee with a friend.
  • Have some time out – some of our customers use a trip to Star Laundromat as time out. Charge your phone free, get a snack from our vending machines, sit back, relax and use our free WiFi! Catch up on work or your current Netflix show.
  • Do the big stuff – doonas, bedding, towels can easily be done in our large washing machines (up to 19kg) and dryers. Save yourself from stuffing your home washing machines or dryers with big weighty items when they can be done so much more easily in one of our machines.
  • One week’s washing in less than an hour – the size and efficiency of our machines means our customers get a whole week’s washing done in less time. Your time is valuable!
  • Save on electricity – you’ll end up going to the laundromat less times than you use your washing machine at home. Using a clothes dryer costs $1.17 per load and if you are doing 3 loads per week, this can rack up.
  • Save on water – likewise water is no longer a utility to be used at a whim. At $2.36 per kilolitre, and with the average household using 900 litres per day, we are thinking about the water we use every time the tap gets turned on. Our laundromat has machines with high energy efficient ratings and will do your laundry in half the time than it takes domestic machines.

Star Laundromat makes doing the laundry an easy, no-fuss experience

Our laundromats across Adelaide are operated with coins, or cashless with PayWave.

With many locations across Adelaide and Sydney.

What our customers are saying about us

“After my washing machine broke, I had a load of washing to do and needed it done in a hurry. I quickly looked up the nearest one that was open 24/7… and thank God for you guys! I can wash and have my clothes dried in pronto time and don’t have to worry about it being closed. Thanks again!” Domenic Annese