5 ways to avoid the dreaded laundry pile up

Jul 15, 2021. Letting the laundry pile up is easy. You throw your clothes into the washing basket at the end of the day, and, out of sight is out of mind! Next week you’re looking for fresh socks or tops, but there are none!

The laundry pile-up can be avoided. You’ll spend less time doing the laundry with our 5 tips below, so that you have more time to do the things you really enjoy. Here’s how:

1. Do the laundry more often

Ever looked at a big pile and groaned at the thought of having to spend a few hours to get on top of the laundry? Our advice is to do the washing more often. Instead of washing once a week, do a smaller pile twice a week.

Chop wood, carry water. Like most admin and housekeeping chores in life, they have to get done and life can carry on with less drama when you’re on top of them.

Why not make the washing an opportunity to relax and read a book or catch up on your home admin? Star laundromats have free WiFi and are open 24×7. You can pop in after dinner, catch up on some reading or even your emails, while the laundry gets washed and dried in less than an hour.


2. Wear your clothes a few times before you wash them

You don’t need to wash all your clothes after very wear. Items such as jeans, jumpers, skirts and pants can be worn several times before they need to be washed. Also washing less means they stay in good condition for longer.

For more information, read our blog How often should you wash your clothes? Jeans, jumpers and more.


3. Put clothes away after you wear them

You might try on a pair of pants then decide not to wear them, and they end up on the floor because you’re in a hurry in the morning. Or you might come home from work and leave clothes that you can wear again on top of the dirty pile. And you forget which ones are clean and which are dirty, because now they all smell the same.

So you may as well throw them all in the washing machine – sound familiar?

The downside of this is that you’re creating more unnecessary washing, deteriorating your clothes faster and causing yourself unnecessary work.

Remember to place your clothes back on the hanger or in the draw, keep clean clothes stored properly, away from dirty clothes, and you won’t be racing around trying to find stuff when you need it.


4. Wash and dry on the same day

This tip will help reduce any stress related to laundry! Wash, dry, fold and put the washing away on the same day.

Looking at a clean laundry pile that has been thrown into the laundry basket, now creased and definitely needing ironing, is stressful. When the laundry is freshly dried, it’s the best time to fold. You’ll smooth out creases and do much less ironing as a result.


5. Declutter your wardrobe

If you haven’t worn a garment for a couple of years, then it may be time to move it onwards. Decluttering your wardrobe not only makes space at home, but it also feels good to let go of clothing items you really no longer need. And there will be less washing too!

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