5 simple mindfulness tips for more harmony every day

October 11, 2021.

Mindfulness is about presence. The simple act of being present every day and aware of your breath, thoughts and actions, will help you remain in a more balanced and calm state, reducing feelings of overwhelm and anxiety. When you stop being reactive, and become more responsive, your sense of wellbeing will improve dramatically. This is achieved through developing a more mindful approach to everything you do.

Practising mindfulness will help you to slow your brain down so you can think better, as well as slowing your breath down so that you feel calmer.

Here are 5 mindfulness exercises to help you.


1. Mindful breathing

You can do this one at any time of the day. This technique is simply about slowing your breath and calming your nervous system. We often breath too shallow or too short without realising which leads to feeling more anxious. Pause a few times a day to observe your breathing, then breathe in counting to six, and breathe out counting to six.

Repeat this 6 times. Let go of any thoughts and just focus on your breath. You will notice a calmer feeling in your body immediately.


2. Mindful listening

You can try this technique with anyone, members of your family, a friend on the phone, the barista at your local café. And, you can do it at any time of the day. Simply be present when someone else is talking, without thinking ahead about your response to what they are saying. Listen and refrain from interrupting, or stepping in to add your suggestions, at least until the person you’re listening to has finished what they’re saying.

Mindfully listening will help the other person feel more at ease, and will help you feel calmer too.


3. The gratitude exercise

At the start and end of the day, practise gratitude. Stop for a few minutes, and name five things you are grateful for at that very moment. You can write them down in your journal if you keep one. If that’s not practical, simple recounting five things about your life you are grateful for in your mind is enough to increase your sense of wellbeing.


4. The five senses exercise

This is another simple and quick exercise to bring you back to a state of presence.

  1. Notice five things that you can see – look around and pick five things you wouldn’t normally look at.
  2. Notice four things that you can feel – for example what you are sitting on, what your skin is in contact with.
  3. Notice three things you can hear – listen to five things going on around you – the traffic, the birds, the neighbours chatting.
  4. Notice two things you can smell – whatever it may be, see what you can pick up around you.
  5. Notice one thing you can taste – what can you taste right now? Have a drink if you need and notice how you respond to what you are tasting.


5. Stare at the centre of this video

Focus your attention on the centre of the mandala for at least five minutes. Allow you mind to wander while looking at the centre. You’ll feel at ease immediately. This experience feels similar to staring at a candle flame or into the fire.


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