5 laundry tips to manage the laundry this holiday season

November 23, 2023.

The holidays are here and if you have a family, you’ll know this means a lot more laundry! With Christmas functions, relatives visiting, lunches and dinners and other holiday events, you still have to get the washing done.

Let us help you! We’ve compiled a list of 5 tips to help you manage the washing these holidays so that you spend the least amount of time in the laundry, and the most amount of time enjoying time out with the family.

1. Sort the laundry ahead of time

Sorting the laundry takes time. We recommend having three laundry baskets, one for whites, one for coloured clothes and one for dark clothes. Teach the kids to put their own clothes into the right washing basket. When the washing day comes around, you can pick one and get it done. And the whites will stay white!

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2. Do a small pile each day

If you have an economical washing machine with a good efficiency rating, then doing the laundry each day makes sense. A small load every morning means the washing will be much less overwhelming.

Following on from our tip above, if you’ve sorted the washing, you can pick one basket a day to complete.

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3. Fold the laundry immediately

Have you ever left a pile in the washing basket only to take it out later and find it all crinkled? You’ve doubled up your housework duties because now you have to get the iron out.

You’ll save yourself plenty of time by folding the laundry immediately. Your laundry will be crinkle free and you won’t have the headache of looking at the clean washing pile in the basket for days. And you’ll avoid the kids unknowingly throwing their dirty washing into the pile too.

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4. Take your large loads to a Star Laundromat

Gather your tablecloths, sheets, towels and other linen over the holidays and bring these larger items to a Star Laundromat. Our commercial grade, modern washing machines and dryers will get the laundry washed and dried in less than an hour.

Not only that, but we also often say that the world’s most boring chore can be a bit of downtime. Bring your novel or listen to your music and maybe even discover some new artists. We have free Wi-Fi at all out of our laundromats.

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5. Ask the family to help

Ask the kids to help with the sorting and if you have three baskets, it will be easier for them and you. Folding can be a family shared activity as well and it will lessen the load – so to speak – on you.

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Happy Holidays!

These holidays, find a Star Laundromat near you

Bring your laundry to a Star Laundromat these holidays and spend less time doing the laundry, and more time with the family. We have free WiFi and free detergent and a washing machine dedicated to pet items only. We’re open 24×7!