13 tips to look after your clothes and bedding this winter

May 16, 2024. Winter is coming and in Adelaide we like to hibernate a little over winter – getting out doonas and flannels, checking our gas heaters and rolling out the winter rugs.

But did you know that winter clothes and bedding are a haven for bugs and germs? Hats, gloves, scarves and coats are common winter items that are not washed as often as our other clothes. We shed skin, sneeze, move around in public places and then bring our winter clothes home to store in warm and dark cupboards where the germs get to multiply.

Our doonas carry 20,000 dust mites on average.  So washing regularly is a must!

Without being overly paranoid about germs, because let’s face it, we all live with them and with some quite harmoniously, winter hygiene is still important. It prevents loading up our immune system more than it is already coping with over the winter months.

Here are some tips for looking after our clothes this winter to keep them fresh and clean.

Woollen coats

Dry clean your wool coats at the start and at the end of winter. At the start because they have had months of sitting still collecting dust and mites and at the end because they have had plenty of wear, and moths are attracted to human scents.

Remove small dirt marks from your woollen coats by blotting gently, wool is normally easy to blot with some mild detergent or some soda water. Make sure to blot, not rub, as this will aggravate the fibres and set the stain.

Hang winter coats on sturdy hangers with rounded edges so that the shoulders don’t get out of shape.

Empty pockets of your woollen coats before you hang them so that they don’t sag and lose shape.

Woollen jumpers

You can either hand wash woollen jumpers or use the gentle/wool cycle on the washing machine. If you hand wash, use a woollen detergent in lukewarm water and let it sit for five minutes before giving it a gentle rub. Never use hot water on woollens as this will make them shrink.

Dry your woollen jumpers by laying them flat on a towel in a warm place under the deck or in the sunshine (during winter). This will retain the shape of the jumper.

Down vests and jackets

Follow the care label but in most cases these can be washed in moderate temperatures.

Don’t use too much detergent as this will make the down clump and prevent it from getting fluffy again.

Depending on exterior fabric (cotton or nylon), you can dry these in the dryer or leave in the sunshine to dry. It is best to hang them over a towel to protect from marks and ensure the shape is maintained.

If the exterior is cotton, then you can use the dryer. Add a couple of tennis balls to prevent clumping and to keep them fluffy.

Doonas and bedding

Cotton doonas filled with down can be easily washed at a Star Laundromat. In under an hour you will have your doonas, sheets and towels washed and dried. Our state-of-the-art washing machines and dryers are effective and gentle on your bedding.

Woollen doonas need special attention and we would not recommend washing these in a washing machine. They are best either hand washed in lukewarm water, if you have a laundry tub big enough, or taken to the local dry cleaner.

Do not underestimate fresh air and sunshine. Getting your doonas and bedding out in the fresh air in winter, especially if the sun is shining, will kill off bugs and germs and freshen them up.

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