11 things you didn’t know you could put in a washing machine

November 16, 2021.

We’ve put together a list of items you can put in the washing machine that you may not have thought of! You’ll save yourself time and money, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the results.

Always check the label before washing but don’t be too daunted if all of them say “dry cleaning” only. There are common sense decisions about the laundry you can make yourself.

Here are items that many of our customers put in the washing machine.

1. Doonas

You can wash cotton, down as well as woollen doonas in the washing machine. For woollen doonas, keep the temperature below 40 degrees. Cotton and down doonas can handle a warmer setting.

2. Pillows

Even with pillow covers on, skin oils and other things can seep into your pillows which become wonderful havens for fungus and mites. You can easily wash them in the washing machine and like doonas, take care with woollen pillows and wash them at cooler temperatures.

3. Puffer Jackets

Down-filled, polyester, and quilted puffers can all be washed in the washing machine. Treat the collar and sleeves with a stain remover if necessary and then wash on a cooler cycle at 30 or 40 degrees.


4. Canvas runners

Blitz grass stains, dirt and bad smells. Load up the canvas sneakers in your household and put them all in the washing machine! You’ll be amazed at the results. Remove the inner soles and place them in a mesh bag, add detergent and wash at a warm temperature.


5. Silk pillowcases

Silk pillowcases, silk eye masks and other delicates can be placed in a mesh bag and washed in lukewarm water.


6. Curtains

Many curtains can be put in the washing machine. Polyester, cotton and rayon curtains should be washed at a lower temperature on a gentle cycle. Take care to check linings to make sure they can also be washed.


7. Canvas toiletry bags

If you have a few of these in your household, turn then inside out and throw them into the washing machine. Much easier than trying to scrub them clean with a cloth.


8. Shower curtains

When your shower curtains are looking a little grimy, pull them off the shower rails, add the detergent and wash on a lukewarm setting which prevents the plastic from cracking.


9. Backpacks

Kids’ backpacks can get very smelly with spilled food and drink. Simply turn them inside out and give them a wash on a warm water cycle.


10. Bath and kitchen sponges

Throw your kitchen and bath sponges into the washing machine, its the simplest and easiest way to keep these items clean and hygienic. Add them with your towels to save time.


11. Stuffed toys

Every parent knows these can get very smelly, very quickly. A short and cold washing cycle will brighten them up in no time.



Your Pet’s items

We have dedicated washing machines for your pet blankets, bedding, pillows and clothing items. Each one of our laundromats has a dedicated machine clearly labelled “Pet Items Only”.



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